Why use a buyer’s advocate?

Save time and reduce stress  – it can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Using an experienced buyer’s advocate will save you time and stress. We understand your time is valuable.

Avoid costly mistakes – we’ll help you get it right first time. Buying the wrong property – and having to sell and buy again – is expensive. The opportunity cost of buying an inferior property could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Leverage the experience of an expert – we understand the drivers and key characteristics that make properties perform well. Our negotiations skills could also save you substantially

Confidence in your strategy and execution – we take the time to understand your situation and goals giving you the confidence to move forward.

Access to pre-market and off-market opportunities – we get you the insider’s edge.

What makes AllenWargent different?

We walk the talk – we are personally active investors in markets such as Sydney, Brisbane, London, and elsewhere in the UK and Australia.

Unparalleled macroeconomic research – not just our opinion! We are highly sought after by everyone from Australian funds to global investment banks and international hedge funds for our market insights.

Experience – we have extensive experience acting for property owners.

Fee transparency – we fixed our fees and terms clearly in advance.

Do you market or sell property?

No. Our view is that those who actively market property and act for buyers simultaneously have a clear conflict of interest. One of our core values is complete transparency.

Will I see ‘off-market’ properties?

Yes – through our relationships with local estate agents, developers, and owners, we have access to off-market and pre-market opportunities.

‘Pre-market’ essentially means the property has yet to be openly marketed, while some properties are never listed or the general public (“silent sales”). The great benefit of these opportunities is limited competition and the opportunity to secure a favourable deal. All appropriate properties are considered in any search.

How much do you charge?

Fixed fees – we have a unique approach whereby we look to agree a fixed fee upfront with all our clients. This will remain fixed irrespective of the final purchase price, emphasising our independence throughout the process, ensuring that we secure the best price for buyers, and provides clarity on costs.

We charge a non-refundable registration fee to cover administration costs and strategy development. Our view is that this demonstrates fairness and value to our clients. Our terms of engagement provide a plain English approach to how you will be charged.

Why don’t I just use a real estate agent?

No independence – real estate agents act for and are paid by sellers of property. Selling agents have no contractual obligation with a prospective purchaser and are motivated to get the best price for their client (the vendor). This is a direct conflict to what most buyers are trying to achieve.

As independent buyer’s advocates we will act on your behalf to secure you the best deal available, providing market insights and relevant comparable data. Those who use a buyer’s advocate have the peace of mind that there is an accredited professional acting independently and objectively on their behalf.